Legal advisors on the site do not provide general legal representation to the subscriber nor does transmission of the information through the site create an attorney-client relationship.

How do the legal advisors work with state laws?

Much of the operation of a community foundation is governed by federal laws and IRS Code. Our advisors can provide guidance relative to these laws. Certain state laws that affect charitable organizations such as the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act, or the Model Nonprofit Corporation Act, will be referenced by our advisors. You will receive state-specific counsel to the extent permitted by legal ethical rules. The advisors may also direct you to good state-specific resources or otherwise provide guidance on the need to consult with a local attorney on matters that are governed by state code.

How do I renew or increase my subscription?

Contact us at

Can I ask my question through an email?

No. All questions to our attorney must be submitted through the Foundation Legal Help Desk portal.

What if my question requires extended assistance?

If your question is complex and requires assistance beyond one hour, our attorney can offer their services through an agreement outside of the Foundation Legal Help Desk.