The foundation world is a complex field requiring specialized legal knowledge. Foundation Legal Help Desk connects funders of all types and sizes directly to attorneys with expertise in foundation operations at an affordable rate.

How It Works

Foundation Legal Help Desk operates through a secure web portal, allowing you to send questions to an on-call attorney. An attorney specialized in the topic area responds to you directly with a written answer or makes arrangements for a phone conversation. Additional details about this service include the following:

  • •  All questions to the attorney must be submitted through the Foundation Legal Help Desk online portal. 
  • •  This service is designed to provide brief answers to questions and is limited to a maximum of one hour on any one question. The attorney will be able to advise the foundation if they need to engage counsel to assist them with a complex legal issue or gift. 
  • •  The attorney will engage directly with foundation staff or board members, and will not work independently with donors or professional advisors.
  • •  The attorney can review documents but will not prepare any documents.
  • •  This service is for legal questions that relate to the operation of a foundation, not legal issues facing a foundation’s grantees.
  • •  Foundation Legal Help Desk reserves the right to decline a request that is clearly beyond the scope of a one-hour engagement.
  • •  Our goal is to respond within 24 hours (Monday-Friday during the business week); attorneys are not available on an immediate basis.
  • •  To increase your subscription tickets, contact us at

Foundation Legal Help Desk is a joint initiative of Indiana Philanthropy Alliance and United Philanthropy Forum.